Walt Johns

Walt Johns

"From building guitars, repairing them and playing them,
this guy is the REAL Guitar Hero."

— Testimonial from the dy-sphoric blog

Guitar Repair Services

24 hour emergency repair service available!

Free estimates and same-day service on most repairs.


Setups can be done the same or next day. All setups include a 30 day warranty.

Full Setup — $75
Setups include truss rod, intonation and nut adjustment, cleaning and polishing frets and fretboard, tightening loose hardware, spraying and cleaning of electronics, pickup height adjustment, cleaning instrument, and adjustment of strings. Strings sold separately (electric, steel string, classical, and bass)

Full Setup 12-string — $85
(your choice of string sold separately)

Strap Buttons Installed — $10
Nuts (made from blanks) — $45-$90
Saddles (made from blanks) — $40-$90
Tuner Replacements (entire set) — $45


Pickup Installation and Replacement:
Humbuckers (2) — $80
Single coils — $35 each, $75 for set of 3
Bass (2) — $45-$120

Acoustic: Under saddle w/ preamp — $120
Repairs: Pot/jack replacements,
full rewires, custom wiring — $20 and up


Level & Polish — $145
Fret polishing, leveling and crowning
Includes Basic Setup

Partial Refret — $60 and up
Includes basic setup and replacing damaged
frets, generally in the first position

Full Refret — $275 and up
Maple, Rosewood, Ebony unbound fretboards
Includes Basic Setup
Bound Fretboards — $325


Headstock Repairs — $40-$200
depending on severity

Bridge reglue — $125 and up
Includes Basic Setup

Nut replacement — $45-$80
depending on material choice and guitar
Includes Basic Setup


Hardware and tuner upgrades, cleaning and restoration

Free estimates on finishing and re-finishing,
crack and major structural repairs
(occasionally referred to colleagues)

Walt Johns Guitars

Walt Johns Guitars

guitar repair



Guitarist For Hire

I'm available for:

  • Classical Guitar in Solo or Group Settings, Weddings
  • Jazz Guitar in Solo or Group Settings in all Styles.
    Big Band, Swing, Bebop, Fusion
  • Show / Commercial Guitar
    for Stage Shows, Artist Backup and Musical Theatre
    including doubling on Mandolin, Banjo, Ukulele, etc.
  • Recording Session Backing
  • Acoustic / Bluegrass Guitar In Solo or Group
  • Electric / Acoustic Blues Guitar
  • Dixieland Style Tenor Banjo
  • Country, Rock and Pop
  • Bass Guitar


(202) 262-6539